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Control Electronics & InfotainmentControl Electronics & Infotainment
Customer-specific Electronic Control Units for various automotive domains such as ADAS, chassis, body, infotainment and powertrain.
Telematic Control Units, Antenna Systems, and V2X units for services such as remote diagnostics and services, positioning, stolen vehicle tracking, emergency calls, etc.
In-Cabin MonitoringIn-Cabin Monitoring
In-Cabin Sensors for life detection, vehicle cabin monitoring and people counting.
In Vitro DiagnosticsIn Vitro Diagnostics
Laboratory Analyzers for Clinical Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics Applications.
Point of Care TestingPoint of Care Testing
POCT Devices and Rapid Test Readers for Clinical Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics Applications.
Patient Diagnostics & MonitoringPatient Diagnostics & Monitoring
Non-invasive Medical Devices for Clinical Diagnostics, Physiological Monitoring and Telemedicine Applications.
Medical SW for Regulated Diagnostics & Monitoring DevicesMedical SW for Regulated Diagnostics & Monitoring Devices
Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), Firmware & Software in MD/IVD Devices, Technical Service and Manufacturing Applications.
In-House EngineeringIn-House Engineering
Part of our teams are located within client’s installations. Client’s efficiency taking advantage of Idneo know-how.
Contract ManufacturingContract Manufacturing
Product manufacturing for high-complexity and low-volume products in Idneo facilities, as well as pre-series prototypes.
Test labs in the fields of EMC and Electrical Safety, as to reduce risks and ensure Compliance with global regulations and/or manufacturers specifications.
Battery Management SystemBattery Management System
Engineering solutions in the field of electrification and energy storage based on Lithium batteries.
Vision SystemsVision Systems
All around-vehicle cameras for Autonomous Driving and Driver Monitoring Systems.
Engineering ProjectsEngineering Projects
Full-cycle product development, including firmware, connectivity and Cloud.
Industrial Design  & UX / UIIndustrial Design & UX / UI
Fitting industrial design with mechanical design, product engineering and system integration.





control electronics and infotainment

Control Electronics & Infotainment

Automotive electronics systems with expertise in main OEM standards



    On top of a comprehensive portfolio, we develop customer-specific electronic control units for various automotive domains such as ADAS, chassis, body, infotainment and powertrain. 

    With medium/low -volume in-house assembly facilities and well-established long-term partners for high volume productions, we can supply finished products during prototype phases and mass production.



    How we do it

    We have vast expertise in design, development and manufacturing of automotive electronics products. Skilled engineers in hardware/mechanical/software development with expertise in products with functional safety qualification up to ASIL D. 

    We are certified Automotive SPICE level 3 with know-how in model based design, bootloaders design and autosar integration.





    The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit manages nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions in diesel cars by means of injecting Ad-Blue into a special catalyst. The unit is IP67 9K, with High-Speed CAN

    Logo IdneoSCR

    Advanced Driver Assistance Controller

    This unit receives image input from cameras located around the vehicle, processes the images and outputs video streams for displays. The vehicle exterior field of view (FOV) extends sideward and rearward the vehicle view and improves view in adverse lighting conditions.

    Logo IdneoAdvanced Driver Assistance Controller

    Domain Controller

    Domain Controller with integrated gateway and advanced functionalities. This unit reduces the number of control units, optimizes the wiring harness, and avoids integration problems. 

    The unit controls features in the Body electronics domain e.g. power windows, doors, lighting, wipe, hvac and as a gateway; connects body electronics to other bus systems. This unit is qualified ASIL B, with Autosar 4.X, up to 150 I/Os, with CAN and LIN interfaces.

    Logo IdneoDomain Controller

    In-Vehicle Infotainment Platform

    Scalable In-Vehicle Infotainment ECU responsible for providing relevant vehicle information and passenger entertainment. This Infotainment platform features Bluetooth 5.3 technology, provides Wi-Fi 802.11ax connection and features cellular connectivity. 

    The unit can precisely locate the vehicle by means of GNSS multi-frequency and multi-constellation with dead-reckoning support. The unit is up to ASIL B qualified, and 2 touchscreens can be connected for user interaction. Other interfaces included in the platform are USB3.0, automotive Ethernet, CAN, LIN and A2B

    Logo IdneoIn-Vehicle Infotainment Platform

    Vehicle Access System

    Vehicle Access System based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC technology. The ECU determines the user location with the BLE signal strength received from a mobile device, based on the location, determines the use case: vehicle unlocks / locks the driver door, vehicle locks all the doors, vehicle locks / unlocks the trunk or vehicle authorizes the user to drive. 

    In case a mobile device is not present, the driver can still get access to the vehicle by means of swiping the NFC card on the B-pillar and get driver authorization by swiping the NFC card next to the steering wheel.

    Logo IdneoVehicle Access System

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