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Control Electronics & InfotainmentControl Electronics & Infotainment
Customer-specific Electronic Control Units for various automotive domains such as ADAS, chassis, body, infotainment and powertrain.
Telematic Control Units, Antenna Systems, and V2X units for services such as remote diagnostics and services, positioning, stolen vehicle tracking, emergency calls, etc.
In-Cabin MonitoringIn-Cabin Monitoring
In-Cabin Sensors for life detection, vehicle cabin monitoring and people counting.
In Vitro DiagnosticsIn Vitro Diagnostics
Laboratory Analyzers for Clinical Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics Applications.
Point of Care TestingPoint of Care Testing
POCT Devices and Rapid Test Readers for Clinical Chemistry, Immunochemistry and Molecular Diagnostics Applications.
Patient Diagnostics & MonitoringPatient Diagnostics & Monitoring
Non-invasive Medical Devices for Clinical Diagnostics, Physiological Monitoring and Telemedicine Applications.
Medical SW for Regulated Diagnostics & Monitoring DevicesMedical SW for Regulated Diagnostics & Monitoring Devices
Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), Firmware & Software in MD/IVD Devices, Technical Service and Manufacturing Applications.
In-House EngineeringIn-House Engineering
Part of our teams are located within client’s installations. Client’s efficiency taking advantage of Idneo know-how.
Contract ManufacturingContract Manufacturing
Product manufacturing for high-complexity and low-volume products in Idneo facilities, as well as pre-series prototypes.
Test labs in the fields of EMC and Electrical Safety, as to reduce risks and ensure Compliance with global regulations and/or manufacturers specifications.
Battery Management SystemBattery Management System
Engineering solutions in the field of electrification and energy storage based on Lithium batteries.
Vision SystemsVision Systems
All around-vehicle cameras for Autonomous Driving and Driver Monitoring Systems.
Engineering ProjectsEngineering Projects
Full-cycle product development, including firmware, connectivity and Cloud.
Industrial Design  & UX / UIIndustrial Design & UX / UI
Fitting industrial design with mechanical design, product engineering and system integration.







Telematic units, V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) units and antennas for automotive and other mobility applications



    We develop, validate and manufacture a comprehensive range of Telematic Control Units, from ultra-compact, low cost for small mobility products, to high-end 5G connectivity units with a complete set of Hardware and Software features for automotive customers, as well as all On-board services in our TCUs, like eCall, location, remote ECU reprogramming and vehicle diagnostics and control. 

    Our extensive knowledge in RF engineering allows us to integrate all antennas in our Telematic Units, as well as provide custom-made solutions for all external antenna  needs inside the vehicle.



    How we do it

    We integrate the capabilities to develop, validate and certify Telematic Control Units and antennas, from concept to production through the full product life cycle, including Hardware, Software, Radiofrequency, Mechanical, Cybersecurity, Testing and Validation, Certification, Quality, and Manufacturing. 

    Our products include diversified technologies: Telephony (from IoT to 5G), CAN, GNSS, V2X, Ethernet, Wifi/BT, UWB




    Atom TCU

    Ultra-compact, low cost IP67 telematic unit for motorcycles, eBikes and other small mobility vehicles.

    With CAT-M1 connectivity (with fallback to NB-IOT and 2G) , CAN-FD, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, Internal Lithium back-up battery, GNSS and up to 256MB of Flash memory, it can perform the vast majority of the functions of a classic automotive TCU, at a fraction of the size and cost.

    With its overmolded antennas and connectors and extensive validation, this compact telematic unit is robust enough for the most demanding environments.

    Logo IdneoAtom TCU


    Compact, reliable solution to provide mid-range connectivity and eCall / ERA Glonass compliance to automotive, motorcycle and other vehicle types.

    LTE CAT-4 connectivity will provide enough bandwidth for most applications, providing connectivity to the rest of the vehicle with a comprehensive set of telematic services and compliance with worldwide emergency call regulations.

    Flexible platform capable of including Wifi, Bluetooth, CAN-FD, USB 2.0, Back-up battery, and regulation eCall.

    Logo IdneoEbox


    Our top of the line telematics product! Including up to 5G, C-V2X and powerful and scalable processing and storage, this is the best solution for future-proofing your vehicle telematics.

    Dual-Core processing with modular flash and RAM options for integrating C-V2X application processing, 4G CAT12 to 5G Rel.15, Ethernet 2.5GBase-T1, and USB 2.0/3.0 options.

    An expandable solution, it can also support DSDA (Dual-SIM Dual Access), High-precision GNSS (Dual Band) Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1.

    Logo IdneoVmax


    High-speed connectivity for automotive applications made easy!

    This cost-effective and modular solution will provide from 4G CAT 12 to 5G Rel.15 to your vehicle, including Wifi 6, Bluetooth, Ethernet 100Base-T1, High-precision GNSS (Dual Band) and USB 2.0/3.0 options for easy integration with your vehicle architecture.

    Including as standard CAN-FD, multiple Inputs/outputs and expandable internal storage via eMMC

    Versions with internal and external antennas, available also in an IP67-rated version.

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    Idneo Antennas/RF engineering team has wide expertise in the design and manufacturing of all types of antennas, from single antennas to smart antenna farms integrating all the required services in a single location, and from low frequency up to 80GHz.

    We offer custom antenna solutions for all services, from broadcasting (AM/FM/DAB), Telephony, GNSS, V2X, UWB, Bluetooth and Wifi antennas, to mmW antennas for 5G communications and radar devices for sensing applications.

    Logo IdneoAntennas


    Idneo C-V2X and DSRC technologies are ready to be integrated in your vehicle, either incorporated in our TCUs or as a stand-alone product

    Idneo has developed 4 generations of V2X units and gathered extensive field experience, so we have a proven, mature platform (Omniair certified).

    One-stop-shop for a complete solution, integrating antennas, compensators, internal processing, HW and SW development, validation and integration support in the final application.

    Logo IdneoV2V

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