Si te sientes identificado con las siguientes afirmaciones, ¡eres un dreammaker!


Soy emprendedor
Me gusta innovar, cuestionar lo que ya está establecido y hacer propuestas nuevas y diferentes. No me importa equivocarme, ya que sé que así estoy aprendiendo.
Soy entusiasta
Me gusta la tecnología, conseguir los retos que me propongo, disfrutar con el trabajo que hago cada día y aportar positivismo en mi entorno.
Trabajo en equipos donde todos cuentan
Tengo claro que los objetivos se consiguen acompañado, y disfruto trabajando, compartiendo y celebrando los éxitos con mis compañeros.
Me comprometo con las personas y los proyectos
Entiendo que las relaciones de cualquier tipo se construyen con respeto, escucha, confianza, flexibilidad y honestidad.

¿Eres un ingeniero o un Dreammaker?

Únete a nosotros

Since I became an engineer, I had a dream of being part of a stable work environment that stresses a spirit of freedom and open-mindedness, where engineers with sincere motivation can exercise their technological skills to the highest level.

Through my experience at Idneo, I’ve realized how passion together with capabilities can bring untold pleasure and tremendous results.

Our mission: You dream the future, we design your dreams.

Sergi Ceña, Project Manager

Working in Idneo gives me the opportunity to design products that meet and satisfy customer needs, from more focused on aesthetics sketches, through mechanical design and product development up to work in their industrialization. I’m also able of innovating in new products that I never would have imagined, or reinvent improving existing ones, as well as learning to manage the entire design process, its risks, its improvements, manufacturing, etc…

This job gives me the ability to travel throughout the world and carry out projects for recognized companies.

In Idneo I meet everyday engineers with many years of experience helping me and forming me to gradually increase my knowledge.

Adrián González, Mechanical Engineer

After finishing my university degree, I started working in R&D companies. I have been guiding my professional career towards the automotive industry and I found the opportunity to join IDNEO.

Currently I am a Project Leader in the Test & Validation team. The main challenge of my job is to develop tools for test automation with vehicle ECUs.

Fulfilling the needs of our customers and building their dreams, with the highest level of quality, is my biggest concern.

David Estévez , Product Engineer