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 “Estamos orgullosos de proporcionar nuestro más valioso activo a los clientes: NUESTRA GENTE. Su adaptabilidad y esfuerzo continuo para impulsar a nuestros clientes a dar un paso más en los resultados de alianzas exitosas y confianza”



Despliegue global
Pasión por la innovación
Experiencia en varios sectores
Since I joined Idneo in 2014, I have been upgrading my skills day after day, working with a young and professional team in different areas such as automotive projects, industrial, medical device, etc. 
In Idneo I have the opportunity to learn about different parts of engineering, from mechanical design
to project documentation and manufacturing processes among others, always helped by a strong
knowledge that all the professionals in Idneo share.
In 2016 there was a new challenge for me, I became a member of IdneoIn’s department, working in
a client’s house, Grifols Engineering, in behalf of Idneo. This new position offers me the possibility to
acquire knowledge from other engineering projects, such as pharmaceutical machinery design.
Now, with the Idneo Team doing their best at Grifols Engineering for the projects’ success, we
continue growing up and preserving the client’s satisfaction with the work that we develop.
Albert Gómez, Mechanical Engineer
Working as R&D software engineer for EGO Appliance Controls is an enriching experience, for the reason of working in a top level R&D projects and because since the first day I felt as a part of the team and my ideas and opinions was considerated.
In adition, knowing that I have a great team of profesionals, like the Idneo team, that support me if I need it ,gives me a plus of security and confidence for propouse more creative and innovative solutions.
Damián Fernández, Firmware Engineer


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