All of us here at IDNEO are proud to present our Medtech manufacturing operation within our own Key capabilities, complementing perfectly our technological skills and Product development Background. 

Since the creation of IDNEO Medtech, we have faced the challenge of being able to provide a legitimate integrated Medtech instrumentation partner along with a solution from Product Concept to Product Market. As a strategical advance on this objective, our Manufacturing operations are always ready to encounter new challenges.

Reliable Quality suppliers, Strict processes, World Class product quality and commitment on delivery schedules are the top aspects that drive our manufacturing team on every project.

The ISO 13485 for our global operation is just the tip of the iceberg, in which we are building a global team, smoothing the transition between Design, Development, industrialization and manufacturing processes, regardless of who led the Product engineering project.

Our Target: Convert a complex Manufacturing Medtech project into a coordinated team, focusing on minimize Risk assesment from all perspectives.


By Xavier Cels – MedTech Manager