Data is everywhere, we decide what to do with all this information, whether we take advantage of it or not. Companies devoted to the collection and interpretation of this data are increasing, their main goal is to gather key parameters and turn them into valuable insights. For instance, in our daily routine, multiple devices track our moves and make suggestions to improve our lifestyle.

The healthcare industry is evolving

The healthcare industry has been experiencing this past year the increasing need to access patients and doctors easily. The remote monitoring of chronic patients is becoming a priority to make an optimal management of healthcare resources and deliver a proper experience to not only patients but also caregivers at all levels. In addition, the Covid crisis has accelerated the collaboration between different stakeholders to develop innovative solutions and increased the significance of healthcare. investment.

Digital ecosystems

As the need for data management escalates, technologies able to extract, process, interpret and display information efficiently, taking into account privacy policies are becoming a must. Also technologies able to extract data non-invasively and from specific devices are required. Idneo is expert in developing digital ecosystems linked to a physical product, allowing the company to understand certain behaviours from the device end user. 

At Idneo we can help you develop your telemedicine project given our technical expertise in fields such as remote monitoring, data management, artificial intelligence, point of care testing, among others. If you want to learn more about it, do not hesitate to contact us.