This new service offered to customers complements the current chain value of the technology company.

The benefits of this solution include a higher level of personalization, greater flexibility and agility within the design and development cycle, as well as a reduced investment risk.

Barcelona, June 25, 2019.– Idneo, a technological company expertizing in the design, development and manufacturing of products such as mobility, medical devices and industrial sectors, has decided to take a leap forward in its engineering services with the launch of an area of additive manufacturing thanks to the incorporation of the latest generations 3D printer.

By including a such feature, the company complements its current service package by incorporating a key element to combat the increasing speed of change within the technological field.

As a strategic global partner, Idneo extends a comprehensive service that unifies their knowledge covering a wide range of areas. These include, design, analysis, material science, processes, technology and engineering. Therefore, with this new acquisition, the company increases its capacity to develop projects that exploit the benefits of 3D printing in all facets: design, creation and production, offering a much service for their customers.

By means of this additive manufacturing technology, the process of elaborating prototypes, fabricating tools on both large or small scales, is optimized. Consequently, the new printer provides numerous benefits such as custom design, personalization, immediacy, along with considerable savings in investments.

The specific printer, it is the Multi Jet Fusion printer by HP. Such services within the design and development process involved Idneo as an engineering provider. The printer is already operational in our Idneo headquarters based in Mollet del Vallés.

Raúl Lucas, CEO of Idneo states: “We renew our equipment in order to offer our customers the same qualities that characterize us, though now we are able to do so with more flexibility, in less time and at less risk”  Therefore, Idneo reinforces it’s ‘toolkit’ in continuing to offer a wide repertoire of technological solutions as well as promote the transformation of different businesses.


About Idneo

We support our clients in the transformation of their business through the integration of innovative and personalized technological solutions.

Idneo Technologies is a comprehensive technology service company specialized in the design, development, certification and manufacturing of high value-added technological products or services.

Our highly qualified and customer-oriented team of over 400 professionals, has extensive experience within our specific markets. Our knowledge has allowed us to consolidate as a leading technology partner in the mobility, medical technology and IoT markets, offering an international service to multiple companies around the world.


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