Our colleagues Albert Adria and Oscar Carno give us their impression of the visit to Smart City Congress.

There were many stands and exhibitors that shows how big and medium cities will be ready for this new technologies that are NOW real.

One of the most interesting events was the one concearni autonomous cars.

We had the opportunity to seat inside of one of these cars and frankly speaking, the sensations were a bit estrange. Do not see any driver or steering wheel or shifter and just see “ only “ passengers, was a mix of feelings.

The other interesting field mechanically speaking were how autonomous cars are able to hear and see outside. They used lidar sensors, radars and inner & outer cameras.
With all these devices as well as a very powerfull microcontroller, this kind of cars will be able to run in our cities very, very soon !

A part of this nice experience, there were more events like the presentation of a mini-bus from TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona).
The responsible of the Project from TMB gives us the opportunity to see the inner areas of the electric bus, including  the batteries and all impressive electric installation.  I was surprised that all those high power electric components do not fill too much space.

To highlight the presentation from Seat, they showed a prototype Leon model with 5G connectivity, named Cristobal.
This is the next generation cars with higher and speedy connectivity, with plenty of users’ opportunities.

One of the biggest stand were come from Bosch company. In this place, this company is showing how full connectivity cities will help the human been in all daily interactions with environmental’s surroundings and the electric scooter from the tiawanese company Gogoro that is offering in their motorbike sharing system in Madrid and Berlon named The Coup