software product development


Entrusted by our experienced software development team, full-cycle implementation of desktop, web or mobile software products in Medtech, Industrial and Mobility environments, following industry standards and best practices. We partner with your developers teams, or take full ownership of your project through a Idneo’s team to build the technology elements needed to transform your business and support fast reactions to new business conditions.



Cloud infrastructures need to be continuously evaluated to react quickly to customer needs, forced by the mobile applications, IoT connected devices, and the huge volume of data these environments generate.

Organizations are taking advantage of the scalability, reliability and high performance of cloud computing, powered by how technology provides added-value to the business. We will execute your project using cloud-native engineering practices and migrating from a monolithic to modern architectures such microservices or serverless strategies, with the main target of helping your business growth.

Dev ops


Organizations need to take advantage of the communication, collaboration and automatization strategies while the software is being developed. All these concepts are integrated in our development process when working in products for you, but also our DevOps team can help you to integrate all these concepts into your own development process.



We help you to create the infrastructure and technology environments required to identify new sources of added-value, new products and better decision making in real-time. Using our expertise in artificial intelligence and machine/deep learning, combined with a skilled software engineering team, we help you to detect new business opportunities and identify associated risks.