The Idneo mission is to deliver engineering services to our customers including development, validation and production. We are working continuously to improve our organization, process, and skills of our team to be world class in our sectors. Our value is based in a compromise with the excellent quality and customer focus mindset together with a continuous improvement attitude.

Our principles are summarized on:

  • Do the things right at first attempt
  • Customer expectations must be exceeded, meeting all the applicable regulatory and legal requirements and maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Ensure environmental protection, preventing pollution and minimizing our environmental impact
  • The skills of our team should be adapted to the activities developed
  • The things should be done at correct time
  • The environment of the working place must be adequate
  • Everyday continuous improvement must be considered
  • Errors may happen but only once

In order to get the accomplishment of our principles, Idneo has promoted several activities fixed in the Idneo Quality System (IQS) which is deployed through the Idneo Quality Manual (IQM).

Main activities to maintain the effectiveness of the QMS are based on:

  • Selection of best suppliers based on Idneo Supplier Quality System
  • Effective development procedure fixed by Idneo Development System
  • Strong involvement on customer requirements identification
  • Continuous risk management monitoring
  • Training and continuous assessment of whole team
  • Promote best manufacturing practices based on Idneo Manufacturing System
  • Foster the teamwork, appropriate information flow and recognition of achievements

Occupational Health and Safety is a fundamental part of our work; that is the reason why we compromise to support and fulfil the policies and regulations related to the preservation of our staff’s health.
The respect for nature and the observance of the universally declared principles of pollution prevention and control, shall be kept as a frame of reference for the development of our activities.
The development of our organization, can and must walk alongside the preservation of the environment and the mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
Idneo is committed to its surroundings and its management is committed to the promotion of
sustainable development, the rational use and optimization of natural resources, the improvement of recycling the usage of renewable energies and the assessment of waste materials, in order to minimize the environmental effects, produced as a result of the activity we carry out in our centers.
All the efforts of the Idneo Management are conducted to complete all the activities described on the Idneo Quality Manual in order to accomplish our quality principles with the expectation to obtain the recognition from our customers as a best world class partner.
This policy applies to all Idneo activities at all locations, is shared with all the Idneo team, customers, partners and suppliers, and will be reviewed periodically at management review meeting.