Our engineers analyse, create and build each product ensuring that designs are efficient, reliable and safe. We solve today’s problems through technologies to meet human needs.


  • Plastic & metal static and dynamic parts
  • Mechatronics applications
  • Automation systems
  • Cosmetic and structural parts
  • Microfluidics
  • Mold management
  • Test benches 
  • Pumping, Fluidics & Thermal systems
  • CAD / CAE


We specialise in research, design, development and testing of electronic systems. Our team is focused on delivering high quality products to our costumers using the most advanced equipment.


  • Camera and Vision Applications
  • High Speed Communications
  • Power Electronics
  • Audio & Video Technology
  • High Speed Digital hardware
  • EMC Engineering 
  • PCB Layout 
  • Functional Safety
  • Lightning Apps
embedded software


Our software team applies its extensive knowledge to each stage of the development process, so they can customize the project to the needs of each client. 


  • Embedded Software Development
  • User Applications (UI)
  • Internet of Things
  • Validation services:  Unitary testing, Test and validation
  • RTOS, Embedded Linux, Embedded Android


At Idneo we are at the forefront of technological capabilities that are already a reality. That is why our highly skilled Vision team designs and evaluates optical products in our laboratories in the most professional way.


  • Camera Design and Evaluation
  • Camera Image Quality
  • ISP Tunning
  • Display Evaluation: Color Gamut, uniformity, contrast ratio, display viewing angle
  • Lightning Systems Design and Evaluation: lightguides, Colorimetry, Uniformity
  • Image Sensor Evaluation
radio frequency


Idneo RF/MW team has experienced designers and is specialized in advanced high frequency products.

From LF to C-Band, designing antennas, low noise amplifiers, filters, high frequency layout solutions from Industrial to Automotive sectors.


  • Antenna design & validation ( radio / ism / wifi / bt / cellullar / v2x / gnss )
  • High frequency layout design & validation
  • Wireless sensors design & validation
  • High speed signal integrity 
  • Low noise amplifiers design and validation
  • Telematics


At Idneo we want to cover all technical needs in the areas in which we are experts. That is why we have a team specialised in hearing devices design and testing certification.

Audio parts design for consumer markets:

  • Car Audio and E-call dedicated speakers.
  • ECM and MEMS microphone, omnidirectional and beamforming.
  • Complete multichannel sound processing and amplification (low and high output power).
  • Smart speaker systems (Alexa, Siri, Google assistant, Cortana)

E-call and telephony: Complete system design and in-vehicle tuning, following the different worldwide standards:

  • GOST 33468 (Narrow and Wideband). Including certification management.
  • ITU-T P.1140 – Speech communication requirements for emergency calls originating from vehicles (plan-European eCall).
  • ITU-T P.1100/1110 (Hands-free communication in vehicles).
  • ETSI TS 126 131-32 (UMTS LTE). Advanced speech quality measurements, according network operator requirements (AT&T, Verizon).
  • HD Voice, CarPlay, Android Auto and others.