“Your perfect partner to bring your dream from the “design thinking” to “the design doing”, from the “design doing” to the “design for manufacturing” and manufacture it.

We love… challenges        Our tools… our brains



Our dreammakers:

Generate COMMITMENT from respect and listening, with confidence, flexibility and honesty.

Foster TEAMS where everyone counts, achieving goals, sharing and celebrating.

Are ENTREPRENEURS. They test, learn and innovate.

Are ENTHUSIASTIC. They enjoy, transmit and stay positive.


We provide technology development, validation and manufacturing services to clients around the world.

Our multidisciplinary teams are specialized in automotive, medtech, consumer electronics and industrial products. They have a deep technological know-how that allows them to face complex challenges, ensure reliability and quality with a flexible approach that adapts to the needs of our customers.


During the next 5 years, IDNEO will consolidate as a global company: Engineering, consulting and manufacturing services.

It works to offer solutions to customers that change continuously.