Internet of Things

We make visible anywhere, any information from a machine, a vehicle or a process, through our own platforms and products.

Battery Management System

Electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery cells. BMS communicates internally with its hardware operating at a cell level, or externally with high level hardware.

  • ePower Management
  • System Communication
  • Battery Optimization
industry robot

Industry 4.0

Smart Industry is becoming a reality. Since Idneo has already expertise and acknowledgment regarding Hardware and embedded software development, this transition will be more natural than traditional industrial companies.

construction machinery


Sensorize the industrial vehicles through our own developed products such as cameras and electronic control systems.

  • Smart Heavy Machinery
  • Design Integrated Products
  • Vehicle Communications
  • Remote Monitoring & Management of Vehicle Feet
screens on agriculture trucks


Develop innovative solutions for agriculture vehicles.

To optimize personnel and have higher safety in field by integrating the following technologies:

  • Vision & sensors
  • Communications
  • Positioning (absolute / relative)
  • HMI / GUI


Vision systems

Cameras & Vision systems

Application of driving monitoring systems and digital interior mirror. We make it possible with a strong system integration, a computer vision algorithm and convolutional neural networks development for object detection and recognition.

electronics control systems

Electronic Control Systems

Specific hardware to manage a rechargeable battery. With a high quality performance, communication, positioning and cloud connection.

  • ePower Management
  • System Communication
  • Battery Optimization
idneo manufacturing

We Create & Build



product life cycle

Mechanical design

As an engineering firm, Idneo has outstanding experts in creating, planning and building the products that customers need.

hardware engineering


With a technical strategy definition, we focus our resources on customer requirements. Leading the product system functionality with an innovative roadmap management.

early answers

Software & Firmware

Our bold and specialist Software team deliver expertly designed  architectures for tomorrow’s challenges.

parts laboratory icons


Our Vision team provide high quality products with Idneo’s platform and manufacturing capabilities.

radio frequency

Radio Frequency

Idneo RF/MW team has experienced designers and is specialized in advanced high frequency products.