IDNEO began a cooperative project to develop an innovative digital biopsy system

IDNEO participates in a project in the community of “Technologies for health” (TECNOLOGIES APLICADES A LA SALUT) in the first round of RIS3CAT Communities, resolved last June, benefiting 1,300 professionals, 38 companies and 64 agents of the R&D system, with a total investment of 43.8 million.

With the support provided by the European Union through the ERDF financing, Idneo lead the project (COMRDI15-1-0022) “3D Tomosynthesis biopsy” (Biòpsia 3D per Tomosíntesi) to develop an innovative digital biopsy system with a budget of  €2,689,368.95 and €1,214,085.57 of aid granted.

This device will enable breast biopsy in real time avoiding sampling errors, and will modify completely existing products based on CCD digital systems providing less radiation dose and a higher level of accuracy in the images.

The project involved:

The presence of 3 research centers studying the prototype core technology combines perfectly with the presence of companies as IDNEO, that contributes to the consortium with technological capabilities focused on the end product in the medical sector, incorporating the results of the different technologies partly developed by IFAE, CNM and FPT.

The project will include all stages of product design, from the detector through the electronic reading and finishing in the final system for breast biopsies in real time.

BVentura together with Idneo, developed the prototype of high standards that will shape the final product, based on clinical specifications agreed with the other members of the consortium. Patient profile management SW, the interaction of all systems, all modules for functional safety of patients and research to reach the reality of the prototype will be the main objective.

In general terms, innovation of this functional prototype in real time lies in a new image capture device Megapix3 fully digital X-ray, based on silicon or CdTe detectors, and an innovative electronic reading through a new high performance chip to develop within the framework of this project.

Idneo’s participation in this project will be a benefit for the group:

  • FICOSA Group can improve their services (products and processes) due the Community activities participation directly impact and benefit their customers by providing products and technologies safer and more environmentally responsible.
  • The subsidy received by ACCIO enable the Group FICOSA to occupy a referent position internationally in the field of sustainable mobility. The aid received, and everything that involves the fact that the “Agency for the Company Competitiveness” (Agència per a la Competitivitat de l’empresa  -Generalitat de Catalunya-) bet this investigation, will enable the Group FICOSA continue working in the same line and lead projects with participation of Catalan companies in line with the EC for an efficient, sustainable, clean and safe transport. The aid will help the project to be carried out and resulting added value for the portfolio involving components of FICOSA Group.