Idneo was awarded with business passes to the growing Digital Entreprise Show (DES) Event held in Madrid.

The exhibition sought to unlock the economic impact of digital transformation by bridging the gap between technology and business.

Multinational corporations such as IBM, Airbus or Telefonica showcased their vision and strategy on how digital transformation is shaping their companies. We observed that there is an increasing demand to foster collaboration by creating partnerships with SME’s within the digital ecosystem.

Apart from that, +450 influencer speakers offered their view in many different areas, such as IoT or digital marketing sectors. Among the topics discussed, some examples were how to scale-up a business embedding digital solutions or how agile and lean startup are shaping businesses.

Definitely, DES Congress was a great opportunity to receive insights about what customers look for. They frequently ask for specific know-how or talent that is scarce in the market or demands service-based solutions that could provide proven added value to their organizations. We are sure that Idneo is well-positioned to embrace upcoming digital disruptions and is flexible to satisfy unmet customers needs.