In a world where Artificial Intelligence and Cloud services are quickly gaining importance over the marketplace, Idneo wants to continue innovating and make a step further. In one of our latest posts, we introduced as our own cloud-based and artificial intelligence platform to provide next-level solutions for Automotive, MedTech and Industrial sectors. Today, we are proud to present SABIA as the newest’s solution. 

Deep Learning

SABIA, a highly customizable and scalable tool, allows training Deep Learning frameworks to semi-autonomously improve the performance of connected and intelligent devices, and even increase their functionalities. As of today, SABIA pursues three different purposes: to be used as a platform to continually improve a model running in edge devices, to implement rapid prototypes for our customers to validate a concept and to be used by Idneo to train Machine Learning models and get results for our customers. SABIA leverages Idneo’s expertise on embedded devices with cloud platforms and services from core partners.

Cyclic end-to-end solution

TensorFlow is used as the main AI framework for training models. From the very beginning of code development to device deployment, SABIA offers a cyclic end-to-end solution ranging from monitoring and administration through a frontend, to training and storing AI models, FOTA management to edge devices, predictive analytics on these devices and packaging and transmission back to improve the system. This is what makes SABIA an essential  tool to continuously improve device performance all over again.

By the way, this is not ethereal. Idneo has already implemented and used SABIA to increase results in some of their projects. From a traditional AI development using Machine Learning, SABIA achieved to increase the results on a lateral flow reader application for MedTech over already optimized models to up to 98,3% of accuracy while reducing the development time by more than 60%. Furthermore, images and predictions have been quickly transmitted from the Internet to the Edge device and vice versa in a matter of seconds thanks to its cloud services integration. And this is just the beginning!

Connects AI and Edge Computing

SABIA helps us to connect the abstract world of Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing to our physical objectives; with SABIA, Idneo and customers can work together to design and make the best possible concepts.  SABIA has already offered great results and we believe it can continue improving and help Idneo grow altogether. 

So much to come, so much to work on.