Autonomous Driving Platform

We want to introduce ADRIANA, our Autonomous Driving development platform, based on NVIDIA processor. It has been developed within the ECSEL JU project NewControl, which aims to deliver fail-operational holistic virtualized platforms for vehicular subsystems that are critical to automated driving (SAE Levels 3+), enabling mobility-as-a-service for next-generation highly automated vehicles.ADRIANA is specially designed to allow rapid prototyping of Autonomous Driving functions, supporting up to 8 GMSL2 and BroadR-Reach cameras, as well as integrating other sensors such as Radar and LIDAR.The platform can be used to build demo cars, and field tests, data recording, and it has the ability to log data (images, videos among others) directly to the cloud or through local storage.The Nvidia Xavier processor allows developers to build Machine Learning / Deep Learning functionalities using all Nvidia framework: Cuda, TensorFlow, OpenCV, and many other libraries supported a strong community.

From prototyping to production

Idneo is pleased to offer this platform along with the expert engineering services around Automotive cameras and software.The platform allows to develop rapid prototypes, and through Idneo it is possible to go from prototyping to production, thanks to its strong Automotive expertise in both Engineering and Manufacturing.

Vision Algorithms

This product is a big step forward in our Value Proposition regarding products and services for the Autonomous Driving era, as it allows to fill the existing gap between the sensors (cameras) and the Vision algorithms for a variety of functions ranging from Front View such as Lane and Object detection, as well as Driver and In-Cabin monitoring.

We are very excited with this new achievement which represents an important step forward in this domain.