We are deeply proud to confirm that Idneo has won the GOLD award on the 5th European Product Design Award in the Life Science Design / Medical / Scientific Machinery category for designing the Universal Test Reader (UTR).

Idneo Medtech has a very active program to develop the UTR concept. Idneo plans to develop an AI-driven platform initially to support rapid testing, but also in the future for other more sophisticated applications at the Point Of Care. Our vision is to combine the best of two worlds: the fast and simple features of rapid testing with the analytical robustness of a more sophisticated diagnostic platform

The value of this device consists of 3 elements

Robust analytical process with the performance of rapid testing

Open platform to potentially run tests from different manufacturers and of different types with the same HW

– Possibility to connect and manage the information of the device remotely.

This design award, which is related with our ultimate goal of having a modular device to evolve to more sophisticated requirements and different implementations, recognizes our effort and capabilities to work throughout the value chain with the client.

We are designing the future.