#IdneoTechTalk by Sergi Martori

Compliance tests on LIN devices in a cheaper and more efficient way

The Local Interconnect Network (LIN) bus is used by most vehicles in today’s world in order to control various small parts of the vehicle such as mirrors, lights or engines, reducing production costs by limiting the number of cables needed. It is a complementary bus to the CAN, allowing better flexibility within the vehicle’s communication system.

Like all electronic devices, they are subject to an increasingly demanding legislation that requires them to comply with international standards.

In order to verify these standards, the units must go through a Test and Validation process. In its physical layer, these tests are called compliance tests and automating this process could lead to a breakthrough in the automotive industry.

This project has been carried out over the last few months in Idneo together along with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. The work done serves as a prototype and proof of concept that it is possible to develop a device capable of automatically performing compliance tests on LIN devices in both a cheaper and more efficient way than what is available on the current market.

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