The aim of the VISIRIA4.0 project is to conduct research on photonic technologies (VIS_IR) for artificial vision, aimed at the competitive improvement of Industry 4.0.

At Idneo we are in constant contact with the most innovative technological trends. The world is evolving at high speed, and every day we face new ways of seeing and building our environment.

Idneo participates in the VISIRIA4.0 project, in which artificial intelligence plays a key role in the implementation of a vision system for production lines which allows the detection – in real time and with optimal anticipation- of defects or variations in the process in order to achieve `zero defects´ manufacturing (ZDM, for its acronym in English).

Idneo is conducting a research project on a new high performance sensor in order to work in the spectral range from 400nm to 1700nm (visible in IR) with low read noise. With the aim of achieving detectivity in the range specified, the CMOS sensor will be equipped with a Bayer filter based on quantum dots which will define visible and infrared pixels.

VISIRIA4.0 will culminate in a demonstration phase, in which several cameras based on the mentioned sensor will be tested for real-world application: first in textile manufacturing and second in a plastic injection molding plant.

VISIRIA4.0 is funded by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI), the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the European Union (NextGenerationEU), the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the European Regional Development Fund, under the motto: “A way to make Europe”.