Everyday we are exposed to large amounts of data, because of this, we are increasingly demanding access to more information no matter what topic. Digital therapeutics was born in order to satiate this urge and understand key daily parameters so that treatments are more efficient and personalized.

Patient monitoring

The understanding of the patient’s routine and its impact in their metabolism is decisive when treating a specific condition. New vision and smart sensors technologies are enabling new ways of monitoring vital signs. There are some other parameters, more related to the patient’s lifestyle, that cannot be detected automatically and there may have to be introduced manually. However, there is an increasing demand for new products and services that can capture, collect and process all this information and translate it into valuable insights for the patient, the caregivers and also pharmaceutics. 


At Idneo we recently developed an idea internally to help increase medication adherence of chronic patients. The product that resulted from the ideation process is the Pillcap. The Pillcap is composed of a physical cup that can be attached to water bottles and a mobile application. The cup contains the medication and is linked via bluetooth to the app, alerting and dispensing the pills following the patient’s treatment plan.