Today we had the pleasure of embracing the presence of David Aguilar. A young high school student (of whom is about to begin his Bioengineering career!) of which is preceded by an incredible story of improvement and technology that he wanted to share with us today.

David was born with a malformation to his right arm that did not allow his forearm or hand to develop properly. Since the early age of 9 years old, he has been attempting to construct a prosthesis using any resources available to him, in particular, his toys.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, he finally achieved his goal last year. Using construction pieces of Lego, he was able to design and build two versions of a prosthesis that allowed him to pick up and move light objects.

We love his story and we are extremely excited by his entrepreneurial spirit and mind. Without a doubt, he has provided us with an immense amount of energy to ensure that we can keep making “dreams” into reality within Idneo.

Thank you David for your dose of optimism, courage, determination and perseverance!  You are an inspiration to us all.