In a world where online communication has gained more strength than we expected, application development has become a strategic area for business. Engineering systems are not useful if they don’t provide a user interface to interact with the end-user. In application development there are 4 variables to provide useful and added-value solutions: performance, usability, maintainability and functionality. In this post, we want to focus on the advantages of one technology used in Idneo supplying excellent service to our customers. Idneo is working with Flutter as an application development framework which maximizes those 4 variables already mentioned.

Software development can be defined as creating intelligence to the machines, through algorithms or through a set of instructions that machines can decode. This intelligence can be more complex when more time is spent in the development. In that sense, measuring the performance of the applications, the loading velocity and the screen transition time are important  variables to maximize the usage of the applications. Flutter has several tools to measure this performance and help agile solution development, one tool is “Hot Reload” and the other one is “DevTools”. Both tools can be used in the development phase, and this allows two things: fast development and avoiding issues in the production stage. Usually the performance issues appear when you move the application to the production phase but at that moment it is too late to modify the source code, so Flutter can solve these problems with its own tools. Besides, Flutter highlights because in spite of being a cross-platform technology works as a native performance thanks to the Dart’s native compilers.

Another highlight topic in application design is the usability of it. The usability helps the user to reach their goal using the application. For example: online purchase or a list of products of a company. A pair of characteristics that ensures usability are the visibility and the coherence. That means that the user easily finds the buttons or the features that they are looking for. Flutter with its expressive and flexible UIs achieve that target. Flutter has a Widgets system that allows developers to create user interfaces adjusted to each screen need.

Who have been involved in application development know that maintenance is the eternal issue in software development. The version dependency and operating system compatibility. The Flutter quality, as it is a cross-platform toolkit, is that you only have to maintain a single codebase. This facilitates a lot controlling the changes and avoiding potential bugs. Also, as other languages, there is a unique file that describes the library dependencies.

And the last but not the least, another Flutter goodness is that it can mix cross-platform development with native application development. Each operating system has its own particularities, and sometimes it’s better to customize for each operating system that development. This feature has been tested in Idneo developing the communication between devices using Bluetooth Low Energy protocol. Android and iOS have different treatment for the same protocol, and this capability increases Flutter development flexibility.

Idneo will continue developing, Idneo will continue learning. We design your dreams. We are dreammakers!