• Idneo, headquartered in Mollet del Vallès, collaborates with CB Mollet aiming at promoting sports and local activities.
  • Idneo employees, identifying themselves as “Dreammakers”, send this message to the new sports generations of the Basketball School.

Club Bàsquet Mollet and the comprehensive technology service company Idneo, whose Technology Centre is located in Mollet del Vallès, have signed a collaboration agreement for the 2021-2022 season.  Aiming at participating in the city’s sporting activities and getting more involved with the community, Idneo will be one of the companies supporting all the 25 grassroots teams, male and female, at the Club Bàsquet Mollet’s Basketball School.

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Idneo is committed to support values such as entrepreneurship, commitment, enthusiasm and belonging within sports. Idneo employees, as “dreammakers”, will develop projects and ideas and make them come true through effort and perseverance. This way, the company delivers a message of enthusiasm, motivation and discipline to the new sports generations.

Idneo is an international technology company specialising in the design, development, validation and manufacturing of high value-added products and services for the automotive, health technology, and industry 4.0 sectors. The company is currently collaborating on several projects related to sustainability and medicine through urban mobility and devices to enhance the speed and automation of medical diagnoses.enhance the speed and automation of medical diagnoses.

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The Mollet del Vallès Technology Centre, located in Can Margarola, has been up and running since the beginning of 2018 and is the company’s headquarters. The site features first-class facilities with creative design and production areas equipped with the latest technology. 

This support will hopefully help the Club continue its efforts to promote grassroots sports among over 350 players – male and female. The involvement of the city’s companies in collaborating with grassroots and high-level sports within the community is clearly an asset for a non-profit organisation aspiring to become a regional reference.