#IdneoTechTalk by Albert Carreira and Pau Sabatés

Two of Idneo dreammakers leaded last week an #IdneoTechTalk at Idneo Headquarters. The session was based on a TestBed DTV. It is an automatization tool for digital television testing. It provides solutions through computer vision to test cases’ execution and result verification tasks so that it optimizes testers’ time.

In a world where time and quality matter that much Digital Television need to prove and test efficiently different requirements coming from diverse operators. This talk is about the development of a new intelligent testing solution, where computer vision and artificial intelligence combine themselves to procedure with a completely automated new engine and validation system. Come to see our software system together with our hardware setup, while we explain different image comparison algorithms, the Robot Framework engine and their obtained results.


#IdneoTechTalk by Albert Carreira y Pau Sabatés