The engineering innovation company, Idneo, has been recently awarded by ACCIÓ, with the Urban Power project together with the UPC-MCIA

The project consists of creating and searching for solutions through a new market tool for flexible, modular and open design for the deployment of all types of light L-category vehicles. 

The aim is to make it available to developers of vehicles for urban mobility

As a use case, a light vehicle traction kit is developed for the methodical and appropriate application design, characterisation, programming, validation and construction of electric drive trains. 

Among many other novelties, the project includes the development of an environment (VirTual Electric L Vehicle, ViTeL) for multiphysics simulation (mechanical, electrical and thermal) of the electric powertrain system (UPC-MCIA). 

In addition to the definition of the electrical architecture and powertrain components for L3e-A2 motorbikes (Pnom>11KW) and L7e four-wheelers (Pnom<15KW) (Idneo), they have also developed the control software of the vehicle control unit (VCU) for torque and engine power control (Idneo).