Inside the vehicle, today’s watchwords are comfort, safety and efficiency in mobility. Car companies and accessory manufacturers are working to make driving an experience that is pleasurable, ecological and safe. In order to achieve this, motor control systems play a fundamental role in the automobile industry.

At Idneo, we have technology in our blood and extensive experience in motor control beyond programming. We offer you motor control solutions, from conceptualization through to service and customization of this key component for mobility. And we can show you a number of successful collaborations with our customers.

 Motor control 

The DC or continuous current motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy in a rotating movement from several parts of the vehicle: windows, seats, steering, turbochargers and brakes. These motors do not start or stop by themselves, but they are controlled by electronic control units or motor control systems. The safety and comfort of the vehicle is dependent on their design and operation.

 Types of motors 

There are basically three types of electric motor: universal motors (operating with a continuous or alternating current), continuous current motors (their speed can be modified simply by adjusting the voltage) and alternating current motors (designed to operate at set speeds).

Within the automobile sector, Idneo works with motor control to ensure that these types of motor operate correctly:

  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor control for high-power motors (up to 100 A).
  • BLDC motor control, with speed or torque regulation.
  • Brushed DC motor controller, for door locking systems.
  • Stepper motor control for valves.
  • Sensorless BLDC motor control. Speed up to 10,000 rpm with trapezoidal control.

 Idneo Services 

At Idneo, we can assist you through a flexible collaboration methodology adapted to individual needs, from conceptualization through to service launch. We integrate market solutions and/or customize the component. For motor control, we offer the following:

  • A plant manufacturing certified electronic products
  • Certified automotive design process
  • Engineers who are highly qualified in hardware, software and mechanics, with experience in: power management (up to 6000W) for heaters, motor control, diagnostics management
  • Experience in functional safety
  • Experience in electrical compliance
  • Internal laboratories

 Successful Cases 

Design and development of a brake-by-wire control unit.

The customer, a leader in the field of automotive brakes for high-end vehicles, has a research program for a new brakes system based on electronics instead of a complete hydraulic system. In this way, all the different brake functionalities (ABS, EBD, etc.) can be integrated into a single control unit. The customer requires a sealed Control Unit featuring the complete control of one axle (two wheels), 2x PMSM with torque and position control, 2x DC brushed with torque regulation and a complete set of sensoring (SENT, PWM, analog) and communication interfaces (CANFD, FLEXRay).

Idneo designed the brake control unit with an integrated electronic parking brake, ABS and DSC. One unit controls two brakes and it is designed to be fitted under the bonnet.

Design and development of the control unit for the SCR system.

The customer, a company making plastic fuel and emission control systems, became the market leader in SCR systems thanks to the technological service provided by Idneo.

Idneo completed a conceptualization of the product, a prototype was created to develop its business, mass production was introduced, and a global manufacturing service was offered.

Design and development of a premium vehicle seat controller.

The customer is a company that specializes in auto sports seats for high-end vehicles. It introduced controlled electric seats for the first time, and then it needed to develop a new control unit and an integrated switch pack in a new seat.

Idneo developed the pack unit switch for the electric adjustment of the seat and the electronic control unit for an electric seat with the capacity to control up to 3 motors, a lumbar system and a heater.

At Idneo our goal is to provide the most innovative and appropriate solution to every challenge in our everyday lives. We have the same objective for mobility and, specifically, for motor control. Contact us here and we will offer you a solution tailored to your needs.