17th International Conference on Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems

QA Test is undoubtedly the most important ‘non-commercial’ SW testing event on the planet. Where a congregation of the elite within the sector come together to present trends, strategies along with methods to manage SW testing and validation activities, covering virtually all products and sectors.

In this 17th edition, although all conferences were extremely interesting, if they had to highlight one in particular, I would have to go with Jitesh Gosai´s presentation of: DevOps: So where are the Testers? Which was in fact the winner.

Jitesh presents the role of the “classic” test engineer in new ‘Devops’ environments that have since evolved from ‘Agile’ methodologies.

My response to those who believe that the SW Test role as such disappears is clear: No, we are not dead! In fact, the role of SWQA / SW testing is one of the most requested roles out there! We are simply in a process of an evolutionary change for the better. During the incredible visual presentation given by Jitesh, the word DevTestOps came to my mind spontaneously several times.

This evolution will enable us to integrate so much more within the development process with 3 key points to improve:

  • Optimization over “so much” automation.
  • Improve soft skills considering that our interpersonal relationships will increase substantially.
  • Assume participation throughout the entire life cycle and not only in the “testing” phase”

In fact, second point (to improve soft skill) was the core focus of my speech. It´s not simply a coincidence! The Sw Test engineer in the new context will need much more than just superior technical skills, aspects such as teamwork, stress management, empathy, lateral thinking, resilience, etc… Will become crucial elements.

Just note that in the engineering world about 85% of success rate is based on these soft skills.

Here at Validations we are already on route!  …..