Point-of-care (POC) diagnostic analysis provides immediate information that can be acted on and it contributes to obtaining better clinical results. This technological solution offers doctors and patients instant, useful information which they need for the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

The principal benefit of using point-of-care diagnostic analysis lies in having access to results at any time and place via a web platform, reducing the period of time before treatment can begin. By optimising resources in this way, POC diagnostics also helps to improve the overall economic performance of the health sector.

Connected data

Point-of-care diagnostics supports the connection of analytical devices with a data management platform. This means information is available immediately and therefore better clinical results can be achieved. To be specific:

  • The unidirectional and bidirectional flow and management of information is improved with POC devices.
  • Diagnostic results can be captured and recorded quickly, and medical treatment can be started earlier.
  • The platform provides remote solutions to any problems that may arise with the connected devices.
  • Manual entering of results is reduced, and work is carried out with standard, customised reports.
  • Results are accessible to all the members of the healthcare teams, and their speed of response to each other and to the diagnosis is accelerated.
  • Greater audit control is ensured.
  • Time is saved, not only on diagnosis, but also on training and certification of operators.


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