New partnership provides OEMs with proven, automotive-grade hardware for remote vehicle access with security built-in from the beginning

TU Automotive, DETROIT – 5 June 2019 – OEMs are eager to provide customers with a customizable driving experience. This means being able to control vehicle access and policies in a secure and safe way. However, combining all of the right solutions to enable new business models for connected vehicles, while also ensuring security, is not easy and often takes a long time to implement. To solve this industry challenge, Irdeto and Idneo have partnered to offer a secure Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS) system for electric vehicles that is quick and easy to implement.

Combining Keystone by Irdeto with Idneo’s proven hardware platforms provides OEMs with a complete offering with security built-in from the beginning. The joint solution offers electric vehicle owners with hands-free passive entry through the use of either a key fob, NFC card or smartphone. The automotive-grade solution enables remote vehicle access and remote credentials management all through a user-friendly and customized app on iOS or Android devices. The lynchpin of the joint solution is Irdeto’s defense-in-depth security, ensuring that digital vehicle keys cannot be compromised.

“OEMs know they need to bring to the market electric vehicles that both adhere to security standards and provide cutting-edge features that consumers expect,” said Raúl Lucas, CEO, Idneo. “However, it can be a challenge to determine which solutions are necessary to ensure a customized driving experience while maintaining security. Our partnership with Irdeto solves this problem. By integrating Keystone directly into Idneo’s hardware design, we are bringing to the market a complete and secure PEPS system that OEMs can quickly and easily integrate into electric vehicles to transform their business.”

Combining secure, tamper-proof policy management that prevents a multitude of potential vehicle hacks, Keystone is a secure system that allows vehicle owners to create and control policies around multi-user vehicle access, settings and usage. Irdeto utilizes its own security in depth architectures, best practices and technologies to ensure that Keystone cannot be compromised. The solution also includes ECU-side functionality and cloud services, as well as a complete back-end management system with analytics. Idneo focuses on the development of solutions for efficient mobility and autonomous vehicles with the aim of responding to the transformation of the automotive sector, including control units, infotainment, camera applications and e-Mobility. The partnership makes mobility safer and more secure by integrating these two state-of-the-art technologies.

“The physical and digital worlds in the automotive industry are merging,” said Niels Haverkorn, General Manager of Connected Transport, Irdeto. “While vehicles were once completely physical assets, the integration of digital technology and connectivity has opened up a world of possibilities around policy management and vehicle access. However, security is required to ensure that these new business models are successful. This is the value that our partnership with Idneo brings to the electric vehicle market – a secure solution that enables new business models.”

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