The UAB Research Park, the Computer Vision Center and the School of Engineering of the UAB have organized this year the “Intelligent Vehicle and Business Opportunities” program, to disseminate key technologies to respond to the challenges of smart mobility and promote entrepreneurship in this sector (with the support of the Department of Business and Knowledge and the co-financing of the ESF, through the Catalunya Emprèn Program).
The course was attended by 38 young people of diverse profiles – researchers, entrepreneurs, engineering students, designers and professionals. For six months, students have received training on emerging technologies in the field of intelligent transport and business management & new business models. And in parallel they have worked on their own project, designing new solutions accompanied by technological and business experts, who have supported them to bring their idea to the market.
The six projects that have been developed throughout the Program were presented on Tuesday, June 27th, at the Eureka Research Building of the UAB in an exhibition contest held before a specialized jury of which E.Urutruticoechea, Director of Innovation in IDNEO was part.

The idea selected as the best proposal was CheckUp, a device that allows automatic diagnosis of the damage of a rental vehicle.

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