The project is based on a smart solar canopy with state-of-the-art HIT panels from Panasonic

Idneo has developed an intelligent electric vehicle charging station that allows the simultaneous charge of up to two electric vehicles or motorcycles by means of the use of renewable energy.

The solution is based within a canopy charge station which uses a state-of-the-art solar panel technology allowing us to take full advantage of the suns energy in a more efficiently in order to recharge batteries for electric vehicles.


Idneo has used Panasonic’s HIT solar panels with Heterojunction technology they have a performance of 19.6% along with a maximum power of 325 W. They are manufactured with a wafer thin sheet of monocrystalline silicon surrounded by ultra thin amorphous silicon layers, which minimizes the losses of electrons by recombination.

The system has been designed with 18 of these panels in order to acheive a maximum of 6.8 kilowatts generated from the solar canopy. This allows two vehicles to be charged at once, at a speed of up to 3.3 kilowatts for slow charging or off-grid applications, or up to as much as 22 kilowatts in the case of fast charging applications with the support of the grid.

The Smart solar canopy has been developed by Idneo based on one single central column as a modular solution that can be used for fast deployment in large facilities such as company or office car parks or  shopping centers for example.

Depending on the location and the features desired by the end user, the intelligent charging system allows slow charging of the vehicle, maximizing the use of renewable energy which is the most suitable solution for parking areas. The vehicle charge can be carried out for the user during the working day (via the slow charging option) or alternatively, fast charge of up to 22 kilowatts (AC) for locations such as shopping centers or service stations areas where the maximum recharge of the battery is required in the fastest time possible.

In cases where vehicle charging applications are located in residential parking areas, or in fleet companies where ‘overnight charging’ is required, the smart charging system developed by Idneo allows the use of an energy storage system based on lithium ion batteries with an integrated three phase inverter and a proprietary Energy Management System (EMS) connected to the cloud that it’s able to manage in the most efficient way the energy generated through the solar energy.

Written by Alberto Adrià


Aquest projecte compte amb el suport d’ACCIÓ en el marc del programa operatiu FEDER Catalunya 2014-2020.