As a global provider of automotive technology, Idneo offers flexibility at each stage of electronics technology development, validation and manufacturing services, partnering with our customers according to their needs:

markets automotive

Market Segments

Electronic Control Units


As an engineering partner, Idneo delivers  innovations into series production in the following Electronic Control Units Areas: 

  • Powertrain
  • Body/Comfort
  • Chassis and Active Safety
in-vehicle infotainment


By understanding our partners requirements, Idneo provides optimal in-vehicle infotainment and connectivity solutions:

  • Infotainment Base Platform
  • Automotive Telematic Control Unit (TCU)
  • Passive Keyless Entry System (PKE)


Idneo stands out for best-in class solutions on ADAS and Autonomous Driving areas:

  • Driver and Occupant Monitoring Systems (DMS/OMS)
  • ADAS Platform with Vision ECU
  • Algorithm Development


Idneo’s pillars to move forward automotive
technology innovation are:

software engineering

Software Engineering Services

AUTOSAR Platform Integration: IDNEO provides extensive know-how in configuration and integration of Basic-software platforms of different third-party vendors.

Model-Based Design: a key enabler to improve software quality while reducing time and cost.

Development and Process Tools: IDNEO follows and is certified in the Automotive SPICE Level 3 Process. The V-model allows an agile management, while producing the needed work-products for proper quality assurance.

hardware engineering

Hardware Engineering Services

Actuators Design: DC & BLDC Motor Controls, injectors, solenoids. 

Thermal Design: Analytic and FEM simulations, natural connection and  liquid cooled electronics

RF and BUS Interfaces Design: CAN, LIN, LIS, Ethernet, BLE, and up to 5G

mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering Services

Virtual Design and Validation Workflow: FEAs analysis, Thermal Analysis or Optical Design

Production Technologies Assessment: die-casting and metal-sheet, plastic-injection enclosures, rapid prototyping with additive manufacturing and low pressure molding.

Tools Expertise: Catia V5, Creo-Parametric, SolidWorks, ANSYS, Medini.

functional safety

Functional Safety Consulting Services

IDNEO develops strategies and processes to achieve compliance standards like ISO 26262, guiding you through safety analysis methods, whether qualitative or quantitative, such as FTA, FMEA and FMEDA. 

Best Practices at all levels: management, concept, system, hardware, software and POSD