Last Wednesday, April 10th, 2019, saw the launch meeting of the TRREX project (enabling technologies for Extended Range Robot for the flexible factory). The affiliation of 8 companies, led by IDNEO, involved the participation from DTA, INFAIMON, TRIA INGENIERÍA, PROMAUT, CT ENGINEERS and MAIER.

Artur Rosell (Project manager and TRREX Project lead for Idneo) along with Alberto Adrià (Technical Manager for the Energy sector within Idneo) explain further the TRREX projects intention.

Over the next 3 years, the partners will collaborate in the development of various battery solutions. Those of which will include its charging and navigation methods, as well as its robotics in order to create AGV units (Automated Guided Vehicle)

They will then be validated within industrial sectors where they will be tested for the first time to determine whether the systems created will be suffice in the movement of larger, heavier goods, an adaptable TREEX flexible production line, along with technological orientated logistic centres.

The project was approved by the Center for “Technological and Industrial Development” (CDTI) within the framework of the CIEN Strategic Program of National Business Research Consortiums and has a global budget of € 6,432,826.



Nota de prensa TRREX