Idneo forms an alliance with the Taiwanese company Jarvish to develop the smart helmet

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Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Idneo forms an alliance with the Taiwanese company Jarvish to develop the smart helmet
Ficosa engineering will develop and manufacture helmets for Europe


Jeremy Lu and Younger Liang were working in the giant's environment of Foxconn, in Taiwan, and in 2014 decided to create their own company, Jarvish, to apply electronics to the driver's helmets.
"Taiwan is one of the countries with higher density of scooters", they explain.
After more than two years of work, the first generation of smart helmets is already in the taiwanese market, with the manufacturer of belgian belts Leisure.

A few months ago, the founders of Jarvish met Idneo engineering of Ficosa, through Panasonic, which is a Jarvish electronic supplier and shareholder of the catalan group. And the contact fructified.
On one hand, Idneo will develop new functionalities in the next generation of Jarvish smartphones. On the other hand, it will be responsible for the integration of the helmets for the European market in its Viladecavalls plant, which will create six to eight jobs by the end of the year, says CEO Raúl Lucas.
But Jarvish's founders have discovered that Barcelona "is a reference center in the use of the bike, in use and industry", and have decided to open their European headquarters in Barcelona.
Younger Liang explains that Jarvish explores a new era of hands-free devices: "With this helmet we have to educate the market to operate with sensors.Then new applications will emerge". The smart helmet has several approaches: safety (warning emergencies in case of accident), communication (information on the road, calls) and entertainment (connection between a group of drivers). At the moment they work with Idneo to integrate a device that converts the visor into augmented reality screen. The helmets carry micro, front and rear camera and sensors, and are managed by voice or gestures (a wink to take a photo). They will also be able to incorporate Ficosa's Somnoalert technology, which detects if the driver sleeps, says Josep M. Pujol, director of the Intelligent solutions from Idneo.
Jarvish focuses on Asia and Europe and foresees agreements with helmet manufacturers or motorcycle manufacturers, but the business model goes further and offers motorists services of connectivity in the cloud.

Jarvish has received $ 3 million from Asian investors. This year it expects to bill about $ 16 million, and start getting benefits in July, says Lu.
"We are preparing another round, series A, between 15 and 20 million dollars, and we will look for investors in Europe."

Idneo, with 330 engineers, recorded in 2016 engineering sales of 25 million euros, and 15 million sales induced production, explains Lucas.
By 2021, it expects to reach 580 engineers and sales of 38 and 70million!

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