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Research & Development

Develop products successfully requires the balance of many factors. Idneo is aware that quality, cost and time are the key elements for the success of any project in which they participate. The company believes that innovation is the central axis of the processes of design and development of products and for that, Idneo has a group of more than 200 engineers who are experts in their field and committed to the customer. Idneo can offer the complete development cycle of a product or also collaborate with other companies in services or specific fields, always from the innovation and with a prominent approach to cost (D2C), and give support to the manufacturing (D4M).

Knowledge of Idneo covers a large number of specialties, some of which are: design and engineering of embedded software, 3D mechanical design, and hardware design of both analog and digital, power circuit design and research of solutions for EMC (Electro-magnetic Compatibility). We also have wide experience in display technologies and Digital RF transmission (DVB) either terrestrial or satellite.

Software Development

SW department overview

The Department of Software Design and Engineering of Idneo has extensive knowledge and experience in developing software and firmware projects as either as a complete "turnkey" (Turnkey embedded solutions) or collaborative development, offering the best solution for each customer.
The design process range from Agile (SCRUM) to formal development (SPICE), covering the requirements management (DOORS…), the design of the system and its architecture (UML…) going all through the development up to validation.

Depending on the type and needs of each project, Idneo has teams specializing in the following areas:

Embedded Firmware
  • Make compact products such as wireless systems, control modules, USB devices low-power consumption systems, motor control …
Mobile systems
  • Products based on operating system (Android, Linux, iOS…) for flexible systems, graphics capability, touch screen, image processing in real- time…
PC software
  • Customized solutions for PC application (control consoles, web server, database ...)
  • With wide experience in products currently on the market, works on the development of new products adapted to the particularities of each client.
Quality Control
  • Methodology and standards (CMMI, SPICE, EN50155, EN50128, EN29000,...) are defined according to each type of Project as well as the validation of each type of product.

Software Quality Assurance Services

Idneo provides SW Quality Assurance services, covering the full development cycle:
From requirements analysis to test execution, including test strategy and test cases design and development.

Idneo SQA group is a skillful human team specialized in Testing and Software Quality with more than 20 Computer Science and Telecommunications engineers • Certified in ISTQB foundation • Trained in ISO26262, Functional Safety • Formed in SPICE – Level 2 methodology (company certified in Automotive Spice-L2) It can also provide SW Audit services, including pre-SPICE/CMM audits, SW development assessment and scoring of team effectiveness (TPI, TPM).

DVB Certification & Validation

Based on our experience on Digital TV design and development, we provide consulting services on Digital TV specifications and logo certification processes. Idneo can provide receiver pre- testing services and receiver certification for almost any EU operator and broadcasters.
We cover more than 25 operators on the EU market and provide a unique set of test suites allowing a quick and smooth certification process.

Electronic Design

HW Department Overview

The company has a specialized team of hardware engineers with extensive experience in the design, development and launch of electronic products to the European market.
The team covers all the capabilities of any electronic product development, ensuring their integration to complete the requirements in cost, operability, functionality and usability, as required by the customer.
Engineering services offered by Idneo can range from research, partial studies, optimizations ... to the whole development of high quality products.

Among their specialties are:
  • Design and architecture of systems with embedded microprocessor
  • Processing and solutions of audio and video
  • Design of analog and digital circuits, power circuits (power supplies), high-frequency digital circuits (memories, USB, Ethernet, DDR’s video LVDS,etc.)…
  • Design of RF solutions, DVB tuners (terrestrial, cable and satellite) wireless solutions
  • Research of EMC problems from pre-assessments
  • CAD design and prototyping of multilayer solutions during the design phase (CST, BOM, PCB ...)
  • Display Technologies: monitoring, evaluation, definition of specifications (LED, Plasma, OLED ...) as well as production or selection of suppliers

Engineering Services; Electrical CAD & EMC

Beside of offering a full Hardware cycle design as a "turn-key" electronic project .
If your company needs to outsource only the Electrical Printed Circuit Board design,
Idneo can also be your best technological partner, working with your engineers and supporting them in all the e-CAD activities, like for example:

  • Schematic creation and Netlist generation
  • BOM creation / control
  • PCB component library creation (footprints/symbols/3D)
  • PCB layout study (floor- plan, thermal, EMC..., best component placement ) and CAM files creation.
  • Single/double sided and multilayer PCB design
  • High Speed and high density pcb design
  • Rigid Flex, vias in pad, blind/buried vias, microvias
  • Impedance control PCBs
  • High pin count and fine pitch BGA
  • RF, radio and embedded trace antennas
  • DFM (production panel creation, productivity, solderability, testability, etc) --> diseño para maximizar la productividad (creación del panel productivo, solderabilidad, testabilidad, etc)

The ECAD team, has a wide variety experience with several advanced ECAD software:
  • ALTIUM Designer Schematic and PCB design
  • Zuken CR-5000 System Designer & Board designer
  • Cadence Allegro schematic and PCB design

In addition to the above Engineering services, Idneo can also provide you support about routing critical layouts for High Speed digital signals with/without impedance control, RF applications,... or support you about solving any EMC pre-assessments failing points, investigating them, and adding the best effective counter measure.

Automated Measurements (Optical displays & Radiofrequency products)

Coming from large probed TV Consumer Design experience, Idneo has a strong Panel engineering team with extensive Panel Display knowledge in terms of backlight technology, liquid crystal technology selection, image processing optical quality evaluations (brightness, color gamut, viewing angle, colorimetric, uniformity, gamma, response time, etc. ).

Our Idneo Optical Panel Laboratory , has many advanced optical measurement equipments with in-house automated software process. Additionally, Idneo has also a high expertise in RF design engineer team, with several automated RF measurement “towers” with full software control designed in-house, that can also assist you in the European DTV RF Standard Pre-certification process Idneo provides you a fast and accurate automated RF measurements of your RF device or product (TV/ Set Top Box / Tuner). Both engineering auto-measurement report services (Optical and RF), can be customized according to the final customer requirements.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Department Overview

This department provides mechanical solutions at any stage of the development, design, testing, validation or manufacturing process and the product improvement, within the range of costs and deadlines. They are able to resolve parts into various materials, whether plastic (injection, extrusion) or metal (stamping, die casting), in a variety of finishes (high gloss, hot stamping, painting, printing, plating) solving packaging, graphic design and manuals of the final product, if necessary. This department is supported by 3D CAD tools and simulation software structural, thermal, optical and mechanisms.

The main functions of the mechanical design team are:
  • Product Mechanical Design under different platforms: CAD CAE
  • Analysis and structural, thermal and optical simulation of parts for the optimization of geometries and materials
  • Support to the cosmetic design in the style definition
  • Prototype development and / or conceptual models of mechatronic products
  • Packaging design
  • Validation of final product and parts, ranging from initial concept to logistics optimization.
  • Development and implementation of tools for validation and quality control for both the validation process as the final manufacturing.
  • General support to industrialization and processes from molds management and validation tests to the introduction in production line.

Concept Design

At the beginning of the value chain we find “Styling. The Creative Lab”, a team of industrial designers who are responsible for creating and designing products throughout users’ needs.
Through market studies, interviews with users, Shadowing, analysis of use, ergonomic analysis, usability testing and with the support of tools such as the QFD, the team are able to understand which is the market it context and detect which problems users have when they interact with the products, in order to extract new creative solutions that can be industrialized.

Test benches

Idneo develops projects of automation and control for test benches of the automotive sector covering the needs of the customer for products of high added value where the precision in the measurement, instrumentation and data analysis is complex.

The test benches are based on PC architecture and the programs used in their development are Labview and Twincat, although the team also know other software and is capable to develop it.

The main characteristics.
  • Capability to do the measurements and characterization of different temperature
  • Data analysis between the test bench and the equipment team to be tested
  • Adaptation to the specific requirements of the test bench or essays

Other Services

Projects Management

Idneo guarantees development and full customer satisfaction by applying a solid project management system whose internal methodology adapts to customer needs and markets in which it operates (ANPQP, ISO TS 16949, SPICE / CMM-I, etc.. ).

The main features of Idneo’s management are:
  • Total coverage projects (from specific engineering activities to industrialization)
  • Leadership of a multidisciplinary team focused on achieving predefined objectives (cost, time, quality)
  • Experience in managing local and global projects.

Validation and control of quality

In order to cover all the validation needs, that have the products of the company which require those services, the capabilities of Idneo in the engineering reliability area have to be very large.
Together with the customer, we define the quality requirements that are necessary to be guaranteed by setting the validation plan which best suits their working conditions and environment. The validation step of electronic design is essential in the development process, in order to industrialize the final product with full guarantees.