Validation and Compliance

Our product quality activities are mainly based on 3 fundamental areas to validate a high technological added value products, which are:

  • Functional testing verification

  • Legal compliance requirements

  • Product reliability requirements


Our main goal is to eliminate any kind of market defect applying the most advanced testing and performance techniques using a combination of adequate facilities and an appropriate know-how on each activity using our skilled staff.



LINK our   Accreditation Nº827/LE1882


Our testing laboratories are fully equipped, and accredited according ISO 17025 requirements. We, cover all areas of expertise aligned with the projects where we are involved in. Together with the customer, we define the quality requirements that are necessary to be guaranteed by setting the verification and validation plans which best suits their working conditions and environment. The validation process is fundamental and mandatory, being a key milestone in the development process, in order to industrialize the final product according to the required quality standards. Idneo has its own Laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation and Certification body (ENAC) for testing consumer electronics products, information technology, home appliances, Medical Devices, Automotive and industrial equipment, according to laboratory accreditation scope No.827/LE1882.




Accredited Services:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility testing 
  • Product Electrical Safety testing


Additional Services:

  • Environmental Product Certification
  • Product reliability testing
  • X-Ray, Tomography and metallographic Laboratory
  • Optical microscopes for soldering analysis
  • Shock and vibration tests

With more than 12 years of experience in the field of electronic product approval for European and Asian markets, Idneo team meets all legal requirements of the product. Throughout the design process Idneo follows the directives set forth by the manufacturer/client as they pertain to verification activities such as product testing, mechanical testing, electrical safety testing, and risk analysis. We can provide both functional and reliability testing, as well as risk analysis, auditing and regulatory assessments. Our QA and testing services are designed for Automotive and Healthcare companies which need specific support. Idneo supports companies seeking an independent assessment of their products and processes, either developed in-house or acquired from third parties.




Most car makers such as VW, Renault, Nissan, PSA, JLR, BMW, and others have recognized our facilities as an approved site to perform their EMC compliance evaluations. As an ISO 9001 company, Idneo has developed automotive safety systems to ISO / IEC 26262 and ISO/IEC 61508 standards and follows very robust quality systems. From initial proposals, through design, certification and in field support, Idneo have proven quality disciplines that ensure the highest standards are kept throughout. 



Medical Devices


Idneo’s ISO 13485 accreditation and adherence to robust quality systems are the key element for us when developing systems for critical application. From initial specification definition , through development and product validation and finally supporting market service, Idneo have proven quality disciplines that ensure the highest standards are kept throughout.

Our experience in developing medical devices and with standards such as IEC 62304, ISO 14971, IEC61010 and IEC 60601 ensures regulatory compliance for even the most demanding medical devices. Our team is particularly experienced at managing projects in this highly regulated industry. Along with ISO 13485 accreditation, we have proven capabilities to take on complete systems with our expertise in system design, electronics, software and user interface design.