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Tailored solutions for consumer goods

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Our highly qualified team offers tailored solutions, developing and manufacturing products, creating value for our customers to explore.


  • Printing Solutions
  • White goods
  • Digital TV
  • Remote monitoring systems
  • TV compliance services
  • Cosmetics goods
  • Entertainment applications
  • Lightning systems




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Idneo provides complete design & development services, ranging from the concept definition to the product validation:




We are a highly qualified team with a wide experience in the following engineering areas:


Concept definition                                             

  • Architecture 
  • Specifications
  • Validation plan


Electronic development

  • Hardware Design 
  • Electrical CAD & EMC
  • User interfaces
  • Connectivity and power supply
  • Audio and video applications
  • Camera image analysis


Software  development                                                

  • Embedded development 
  • Android and IoS applications
  • TV applications


Industrial Design

  •    Conceptualization
  •    Ergonomic and usability analysis
  •    Mock-up preparation


Mechanical Design

  • Concept Design
  • Product Engineering
  • Mock-up and Prototypes
  • Design for Manufacturing



  • Product functional validation
  • Environmental Tests
  • Electrical / EMC Tests
  • Test Bench development  




Due to the characteristics of consumer goods market, we recommend to manufacture such devices in our Taicang (China) facility.

However, we are open to consider any other location of our footprint based on our customer requirement.


Taicang (China) manufacturing facilities


With more than 25.000m2 of industrial area, Idneo Taicang has been adapted to manufacture Idneo products, in order to provide a global manufacturing service.




Our accreditations:

ISO TS 16949 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 9001


Processes provided:

  • SMT process
  • Product assembly & testing
  • Logistics
  • Plastic and Zamack Injection
  • Painting
  • Tomography & Metalization
  • Plastic and Metal  Welding
  • Sewing & cutting



Idneo has successfully developed products for the consumer market, integrating specific technologies.


We are highly specialized:


Printing Solutions

Digital TV

  • ​RF Pre-certification for TV/STB receivers
  • EMC pre-certification investigation
  • DVB Conformance Services (Pre test, consultancy, field test, certification management for All European TV operators)

Remote monitoring systems 

  • Worldwide remote Digital TV signal analysis and real-time stream recording, available through web interface.​






Developing products successfully requires the balance of many factors. Idneo is aware that quality, cost and time are the key elements for the success of any project.

In that sense,  our project managers (PM) are experienced and monitor, periodically report and manage the key KPI of the project.



Idneo offers its services with a prominent approach to cost (D2C) and  support to the manufacturing (D4M).