Technical excellence to recommend the most innovative solutions and fulfill our customers expectations



Developing and manufacturing products successfully requires a balance of many factors. Idneo is aware that quality, cost and time are the key elements for the success of any project. The company believes that innovation is the central axis of the processes of designing and developing products. 


Due to that ,Idneo has a group of more than 250 engineers who are experts in their field and committed to the customer, offering the complete development cycle of the product or collaborating in specific fields, always from the innovation and with a prominent approach to cost (D2C), and giving support to the manufacturing (D4M). 

In addition, we have consolidated experience industrializing the products into production. Our manufacturing team is deeply involved in the project since the nomination, contributing with their expertise for a smooth industrialization.Our project management team leads the project once the project is nominated and drives the team throughout the journey of the collaboration.




We integrate all product development technical disciplines and expertise in-house which facilitates the project management and increases the success rate.


Hardware - Electronics development

  • System analysis
  • Hardware Design
  • EMC investigation facilities
  • Electrical CAD
  • Safety regulation


Mechanical development

  • Conceptualization
  • Ergonomic and usability analysis
  • Product engineering
  • Mock-up and Prototypes
  • Tool management / D4M


Software development

  • Embedded development
  • User applications
  • Test and Validation
  • Safety
  • SPICE, MISRA, AGILE Developments            


Product validation

  • Test and Validation
  • Environmental Tests
  • Electrical / EMC Tests
  • Test Bench Development 






Since our first work, we have mainteined a dynamic technical roadmap so as to provide the most innovative solutions and technologies for each project needs.

The following chart shows some of the main areas we have experience in: